Electron + Node-RED = Palette editor disabled

Hello everybody,

I'm currently trying to get Node-RED (0.20.7) to run inside Electron (6.0.1).

I use the embedding example code inside the main process:

When I use Electron in dev-mode (npm start), everything works as intended.

But if I build the app for Mac, everything works except for the palette editor, which is not displayed to me. In the console, there is a log: "palette editor disabled". Unfortunately, I don't get more detailed logs from Node-RED in the built version.

I read that the "palette editable" settings will be overwritten / set to false if node-RED does not find npm.
Does anyone have some idea how I can get the palette editor displayed in the built version? Or can manually pass the path to npm?

Thank you so much,

Have you had a look at similar projects?

Hi rei_vilo,
I tried the 2 projects, and with dceejays the same problem occurs, only with sakazuki's version it seems to work, but he has structured everything very differently and doesn't use the embedded code structure of the Node-RED documentation. So maybe it doesn't work with the embedded code example.

Thank you,