Can't find "Manage Palette" on the menu

Hello everybody,

I'm currently trying to get Node-RED (3.0.2) to run inside Electron (23.3.3).

I'm making an app based on Dceejay's "electron-node-red".
(GitHub - dceejay/electron-node-red: Electron Node-RED template)

When I distribute my application to a PC that does not have Node.js and start it, the "Manage Palette" is not found on the menu.
When I installed Node.js on that PC, the "Manage Palette" appeared, but I assume that the application is implemented on a PC that does not have Node.js installed.

"palette" in var settings' editorTheme is true.
Electron version is 20.0.0, and Npm version is 8.19.1.

Please give me some advice

Thank you so much

This will be because on the other PC, node-red will not know there to find the npm command. Also, it should tell you in the start up log why there is no palette manager - if you can access it (I dont know how you have your project setup or if you even redirect output to a file or to syslog etc)

Thanks reply.

I don't know how to output the log (eg Welcome to Node-RED…), but I thought it was probably caused by the path about npm command.

However,I pass the path like this, but it doesn't work.(for Windows)

process.env.PATH = ['./node_modules/.bin',

Is this the correct way to pass the path?

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