Deactivate a FLOW in from SSH

j'ai une question très importante, comment désactivée un FLOW en depuis le SSH

I have a very important question, how to deactivate a FLOW in from SSH

thank you

Exactly what do you mean by a flow and what do you mean by deactivate it?

By deactivate to you mean disable, like this

but you want to do it by command line via ssh?

Recently I connected a node with another which generated a BUG for me.
and impossible to access the latter to Node Red via HTTP.

So the only way is to go through the SSH to deactivate the FLOW

If you start Node-RED with the --safe command line parameter it will start in safe mode where your flows are not running, but you can access the editor to fix anything that needs fixing before pressing deploy.

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comme ça : node-red-start --safe

node-red --safe

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Merci je teste

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