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I installed debian 11 some days ago for Rpi 4, but I can't use GPIO. I installed 'node-red-node-pi-gpio' add-on. I'd like to use input, but the message doesn't come when I change the state of GPIO input. Under raspbian it works. Somewhere I read an old article (or forum) that the the gpio doesn't work under debian. Is it true? Is there a solution for the usage of GPIO under debian?

Any vanilla OS doesn't know anything about the Pi GPIO pins

As I mentioned in another similar topic, just a few days ago... Did you follow ALL the instructions for the GPIO node?

This is not a guaranty... only Raspbian will be that :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your help, I didn't find this node-red page (I looked for google and node-red pages too), but now I find it. However I get error messages when I run : "sudo pip install RPi.GPIO" command:


I'm not a linux expert, so I don't know what is the reason of error messages?

Can you help me more a little bit?

So why are you installing debian 11 and not Raspibian?

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@zenofmud: I have used the node-red with Raspbian for some years, so I have some complex subflows which processes zigbee2mqtt devices, but the home assistant knows more devices than node-red and HA dashboard can handle multiple users. Well, I like to HA for UI and device input/output and NR for automatization.
At first, I installed Home Assistant Operating System with node-red, mqtt broker, and zigbee2mqtt add-ons, but the Z2M add-on sends more and a slightly different message than standalone NR with raspbian and I don't want to update my existing NR subflows.
After that, I installed HA container on Rasbian, but it doesn't include HA Supervisor.
This week I installed HA supervised, but I read, it can be installed on Debian.
I had some trouble after installed debian and I try to solve them step by step. Now I have two bugs. One of them this GPIO problem, the other is related to the SD card. I use SSD and the debian looks for SD card evry 10-12 seconds.

Your screen prints of red text on black bckground make it near impossible to read them. I would suggest you use a white background in the future when asking for support.

I won't be able to help since I just use Raspibian and also do not use HA. You might have more success asking on the HA forum.

Yes, I'll try it

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