Debug node disabled but keep printing

Hi all!
I have a couple of debug node that I've disabled but they keep printing in the debug section.
I've tried to enable them, deploy, disable them and deploy again, but they keep printing!!!
I don't know what else to add here to help you to help me...

What version of NR and node.js (you can get this from the NR statup log

Have you tried deleting the debug node and pulling a new one in? does that help?

After answering those questions, If still not working give the debug node a new random name, deploy and see if you still get the output. If yes then post a screenshot showing us.

Node Red version: 2.0.6
Node version: 14.19.0
I didn't delete and re-added them because I prefer to understand what the problem could be since it's not the first time that this happens.
I've renamed them, but I regret doing it because now the problem is gone and I don't know what caused it :frowning:

That is odd, I had not expected that. You are on quite an old version of node red so unless you have reason not to then I suggest you update node red. If it did re-occur it would not be worth spending time trying to work out what the problem is on an old version of node-red, as the problem may already have been fixed.

Good point!

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