Debug node doesn't work properly when authentication is configured

debug node stops displaying information to debug window after we set up authentication. Did anyone encounter this issue? I suspect it is a configuration issue where host name was not set up property, but I have checked all host names and it looked fine.


Sorry but I think you may need to supply a screen shot to show what you mean.

Hi @fangzhu - do you mean the debug sidebar panel or the separate window you can open for Debug?

Both are working fine here.

How exactly have you setup authentication? Have you modified httpAdminRoot or httpNodeRoot at all? Any more specific information you can share about how you have it configured?

@knolleary @Trying_to_learn
Sorry that I didn't make it clear.
I mean the sidebar panel, it supposed to display debug log when I add debug node into my flow and it worked fine until I added following settings in my settings.js

adminAuth: {
    type: "credentials",
    users: [{
        username: "user",
        password: "$2a$08$zZWtXTja0fB1pzD4sHCMyOCMYz2Z6dNbM6tl8sJogENOMcxWV9DN.",
        permissions: "*"

If I remove the setting, it will work just as before.
And this problem only happens to the "debug window", the log was property output into "system console" even after adding the adminAuth configuration.

I am not an expert.

But things that are going to be asked:

Version of Node-Red.
Browser being used.
(and possibly more of which I can't think just now.)

And maybe a couple of screen shots showing what it looks like.
But that is just for interest.

A screenshot of a debug sidebar without any debug messages in it is not going to tell us anything.

@fangzhu what versions of node.js and Node-RED are you using? Are there any error messages in the browser's JavaScript console?

@knolleary I checked the console, and there was no errors at all.
We are using Node-RED version: v0.19.5, Node.js version: v8.15.0, running on redhat OS. This problem occurs to multiple browsers (we typically use Chrome)