Debug Node - String output - what does the arrow mean?

I have a situation where I am trying to run a String through a service (not important which). Specifically, I am attempting to dynamically apply a String to msg.payload and then the service reads this (and does something) - however the service doesn't like the format when I do this dynamically (e.g., msg.payload.body). The crux of the problem seems to be my understanding of Strings in Node-Red, i think. See below the two different outputs I get (one with an arrow drop down) and one without. Is someone able to explain to me what the difference is?


The arrow will be shown when there are linebreaks in the string, it acts like "expand".

They have no effect on the actual string, however, it will also be shown if the string begins with a linebreak, could this be the issue you are facing ?

Thanks for that, I think that's it. I think if I can trim the start and end of the string it should work. Cheers,

You can add a function node;

return msg

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