Debugging angular code inside template node?

Does someone have a way to debug angular code inside a template node (node-red-dashboard)? I cant seem to get Batarang ( or other similar chrome angularjs debug extensions to work. Please note that I am not asking how to debug a node-red node

The reviews of that tool don't seem very promising.

Have you tried something different like ng-inspect?

I only use Dashboard for the simplest of things so I don't need to do debugging. Unsurprisingly, I use uibuilder if I need to build something bespoke. I'm not a great fan of Angular anyway as it seems like a great lumbering beast of a tool - doubtless great for building big, complex web apps but that isn't what I'll ever be doing. This isn't a dig at Dashboard by the way, if fills a really useful purpose in Node-RED and has proved a tremendous tool for many.

Thanks for that- will give it a try. I had a brief look at uibuilder- looks very interesting- thanks for writing that. Will take that for a spin as well

Thanks :slight_smile:

I'm just working on the next major update of uibuilder. I am implementing an editor for your front-end files so you don't have to have access to the server's filing system. Should make it a lot easier to do small edits. The logging will also be much improved.

I recently used uibuilder to start building a new home dashboard that is aimed at being more family friendly. Based on uibuilder, VueJS and bootstrap-vue, it has proved really easy to do. There is a post about it on the forum somewhere with loads of screenshots. Even with Vue and bootstrap, the front-end code is still vastly smaller than anything that Angular (Dashboard) can do.

As I start to need more capabilities for my dashboard, I'll be trying to build some standard components to make it easier to do things a bit more Dashboard-like such as charts and the like.