debugging of Dashboard Widget


I am trying to do some simple debugging of the client side of a Dashboard Widget node-red-contrib-ui-led . I just want to be able to follow the flow to see if execution is getting where it should, so something like alert() or console.log() or similar would be perfectly adequate, but I can't make either of those work. Is there something along those lines that I can use?



Custom ui-widgets contain code for both, server side and client side. Writing console.log() in server side code will not appear in browser dev tools but in terminal window where node-red log is.



What browser are you using? The latest versions of Chromium have excellent developer tools but you do need an understanding of how Dashboard, not just Node-RED, works. You also need some understanding of how Angular works since this is what Dashboard uses.

You will find a chrome extension useful assuming you are using a chromium based browser - there are several that support Angular development: