Default label of function node

When I drag a new function node on the work space it is labeled "function 2".
Why does it have an index '2' ?


Presumably you already have a function node on your workspace?

And just checking, you get function 3 if you drop another?

There are several function nodes on my other tabs but I created a new tab.

The first function node I drop on the (blank) workspace is labeled as '2'.
Consecutive fuction nodes are labeled '3' , '4' etc.

Is there a 'hidden' function somewhere ?

One way to find out. Press ctrl-f then enter function 1

There was a 'function 1' on one of the other tabs.
It was function that I did not yet rename.
After renaming it, a new function (on a new tab) now starts with index 1.
Mystery solved !

Thanks for your help.

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