Default Location on flows and installed nodes


Installed noded red in a docker container sometime back and decided to upgrade to the lasted version, whilst I backed up my flows the nodes I installed via the palette was not, so was deleted, so lesson learnt I’ve got everything back up and running but wanted to ask where is the default location is where the flows and packages located. I want to extract them to then create a new node red container and mount the data folder for easier back ups.

Thanks in advance.

The location for all settings is called the userDir folder.

In a direct, default installation, that folder is automatically created on first startup of Node-RED at ~/.node-red (where ~ is the default home folder of the user id running Node-RED).

For the default docker install, that folder should exist in an extra folder you have to define to Docker and which appears as /data/ to the Docker install. It can exist anywhere you want it on the OS since you have to create it yourself.

When backing up your settings and flows, you should back up everything in that folder except ./node_modules..

The ./package.json file in that folder contains all of the node packages you've installed, so if you have to restore from backup, you only need to do npm install from the folder and everything will be good to go.

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