Default name of Join and Batch nodes

A suggestion to tweek the default name for the batch node:

  • In "no of messages" mode include the number of messages batched.
    So "batch 3" instead of just "batch"
  • In "time interval" mode include the interval and unit
    "batch 10s"
  • In "concatenate sequences" mode, same default name as now

Similarly for the join node:

  • In manual mode, include the number of message parts to wait for.
    eg "join 4"
    If "and every subsequent message" is ticked
    "join 4+"
  • In automatic and reduce sequence mode, same default name as now.

Good idea - PR raised - Add count to join and batch node labels by dceejay · Pull Request #4028 · node-red/node-red · GitHub
(we may tweak it a bit but yes).


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