Delete a flow and ui objects connected to it are not deleted as well?

Delete a flow and ui objects connected to it are not deleted as well? These are not shared ui objects. Shared ui objects, referenced by other flows, should not be deleted. But ui objects only linked to a single flow, should be removed? I get a list of orphaned objects, I have to delete one at at a time. No understanding this behavior.

1 - Do you mean the configuration for the object?
2 - By "Delete a flow" do you mean deleting a tab the ui object is on, or deleting the flow that contains the ui object?
3 - can you give an example or an image of what you are doing?

For example I have a flow tab, I edit it, and click the delete button. Specifically what is orphaned is the ui_group object not the specific ui_objects with in the flow. I am suggesting that the ui_group object, once the last associated ui_control is deleted, the now empty ui_group object should be removed.

You may just be editing things and want to add something back to that group in a minute.. The editor can't know that.

There has to be some way to design this, so you don't end up having to delete 10s of objects at times. How about adding a delete all button? Or a select-able list, so operator can tag the ones to delete, then hit a delete button to get rid of the selected items?

Once you do a deployment, the logic would be you are done editing. So when it says you have orphaned ui_groups or nodes, you can select delete to get rid of the now orphaned ui_groups?

Open the Configuration Nodes sidebar (or click the link in the message about unused config nodes when you deploy). Select the 'unused' filter. Select the nodes and hit delete.

So there is a way to select all of them in one shot? Delete in mass? Right now I only see how to delete them one at a time... will look again.

Ctrl-click on each one, or make sure the config node sidebar has focus (ie click on it) then Ctrl-A to select all.

Ah! Cool. Thanks. Missed that before.

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