Has many [unassigned] ui-groups. How to remove them?

By deleting and recreating ui-groups many times over, has left me with more then 200 unassigned groups displayed in the group selection list of ui-nodes. And the number is growing.

How do I get rid of them ?

Open up the 'Configuration nodes' sidebar.

Click the 'unused' button in the header - that should filter the list to those that are not used. Have a look through, make sure it is only listing ones you want to delete. Click on one, press Ctrl-A to select them all, press the delete/backspace button.

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Hi Nick,
I also have a large amount of unassigned ui-groups, which makes it very difficult to select a ui_template in my dashboard node's config screens. And to be honest I thought it was a bug or something that I had done wrong (as a result of a massive amount of experiments on my Raspberry). Had not thought about the unused nodes. How stupid of me :woozy_face:
Might it be useful to show a popup (in the far future) to ask whether a config node should be removed, when a config node becomes unused when the last node (that is using that config node) has been deleted.
Just a thought that pops up in my mind...

It should then be an option to turn on. For people who do experiments I'd call it very useful but for some project development it will be just another annoying popup.

@BartButenaers Don't you already get that ?

Click there to see them...

@dceejay I was going to reply to a similar effect, but I think Bart is suggesting a notification at a different point in time - when the config node becomes unused whilst editing the flows.

We have to be careful with any sort of notification that interrupts the user. There are many valid cases where a node will become unused but the user wants to keep it.

Maybe we could find a way to have some indication that there are unused config nodes that is more apparent, but that doesn't get in the way of the user.

For hardcore users who do a lot of experiments the same popup could offer the forced cleanup procedure beside of current "click here to see...".

Yes Dave, that is indeed already very useful. But I had not linked my large number of ui-groups to that popup. Very stupid ...

Yes indeed. I meant when a node is deleted - in the client side - that a popup appears with a link to the config node that becomes unused. So not a list of all unused config nodes, but only the config node that has become unused due to the last delete action. And that you have a delete button, if you immediately want to delete it.

Suppose I have a ui-group xxx which only contains a ui-button. When I delete that button, a popup appears that ui-group xxx has become unused now. And then I will most probably become aware that I perhaps want to delete it. Or I don't want to delete it, because I want to add other ui widgets to it.

And of course you might select N nodes in the flow editor, and delete them at once. In that case a list of all config nodes (that have become unused now) should appear in the popup. And perhaps you don't want to delete all of them. So then again the popup becomes more difficult to implement. So I can understand that this won't be implemented soon!!!

hardcore users can just fire up a completely new flow for an experiment and blow it away afterwards :slight_smile:

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