Unassigned ui_groups, cannot get rid of

I know this subject has been discussed several times, but I cannot find a solution for me in the answers that are given.

Every time I deploy I get more and more unassigned ui_groups.


I have NPM 7.7.6 and dashboard 3.1.1.
I tried under config. nodes and then unused, but no unassigned ui_groups are showing.

Someone has more suggestions?

A potential fix has been submitted to the master branch.. not on npm yet as I have not been able to recreate locally. If you want to try you can install manually

cd ~/.node-red
npm i node-red/node-red-dashboard

Note - this can take a very long time to install on a Pi - for some reason yarn installs it much more quickly.
Note2 - I don't know if this fix cleans up any excess groups etc... It may just prevent them occurring... so you may still need to tidy up first... as I said I haven't yet been able to recreate this locally.

@dceejay, would it be helpfull then, if I send you an RPI made img-file of my SD card?

Hi - thanks for the offer but no.

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@dceejay , how do I tidy up, if I cannot see this excesss groups? Or is there another way to visualise these excess groups?

I managed to get rid of excess groups by deleting mostly spacer nodes under the tab configuration/used.

Then I had to rearrange some ui layouts and then spacer nodes appeared again during deploying.
I entered the spacer nodes under dashboard and start edit, did nothing just pushed done and then I got rid of those objects during deploying. Don't seem to be coming back again.


@dceejay , Everytime I change the layout the excess groups with spacer nodes appeared again.
So finally I put extra empty template nodes in place to fill the empty places in the lay-out. Now everything is stable again.

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