Delete and update operation using mysql in bootstrap table

I want to perform delete and update operation using mysql database in bootstrap table form.

So what have you tried? Where are you having a problem?

I dont know how do it. I can share my json file with you.

That would be a good idea along with

  • the version of NR and node.js (see the start up log)
  • the version of the mysql node (go to the palette manager to find this)

When asking for help, it is a good idea to give as much detail as you can. Remember, you know your setup and what you want to do, but no one else does. So you need to elaborate on what you mean by wanting to update and delete in bootstrap table form.

flows (23).json (96.7 KB)

Also paste your flow into a response (see this thread: How to share code or flow json)

Also what is the DB schema?

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