Deleted tabs keep returning

Anyone know how I can stop tabs that I deleted from returning when I re-open the workspace? Some are multiples of the same name like Flow 1, etc. They are empty but keep coming back. Probably about 10 tabs in all show up.

Did a search but nothing like this came up.



We've not had any reports of that sort of behaviour, and it certainly isn't expected. So it's a bit hard to say how to stop it when it shouldn't be happening.

  1. I assume you're deploying after deleting some of the tabs?

  2. How are you deleting them exactly?

  3. What version of Node-RED are you using?

I was just clicking on the "eye" next to the tabs name. I don't see any other way of removing them.

Thanks for you reply!


You are hiding the tabs, not deleting them.

To delete a tab, double click on it to open its edit dialog and click the delete button.

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Thank you! I feel a bit silly but all is good now.


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