Issues with V.1.2.1

Hello All
I am facing some issues with the dashboard.
Especially if i erase the new generated tab Recovered Nodes, most of the dashboard tabs disappear.

José Godinho

Can you share you flow file with me so I can see what is happening? You can send it to me as a direct message if you don't want to share it with the wider forum.

Ok. How can I share it directly?

Click on my user name, then on Message

I have the same issue. When i delete the tab "Recovered Nodes", my dashboard tabs under layouts will get lost. ...but actually I don't understand why suddenly there are recovered nodes in my node-red

@dblm have you upgrade to 1.2.2? That should have resolve the issue.

I have now upgrade to version 1.2.2
Unfortunately no improvement.

As soon as i delete the tab "Recovered Nodes" and deploy, i unfortunately lose my tabs again.

Did you upgrade to 1.2.2 before or after the recovered nodes tab was created?

It sounds like you have deployed with the recovered nodes tab already created and its that flow you are loading in 1.2.2.

The problem comes because the 1.2.1 version of the node recovery code has put your configuration nodes on the tab - where it should have made them global. So at this point, you're going to have to make them global yourself. To do that....

  1. In the Information sidebar tree view, expand the 'Recovered Nodes' flow. You should see a 'Configuration Nodes' section - expand that.
  2. For each configuration node you see, you will need to double click on it to open its edit dialog. In the footer of the edit dialog is a select box that sets the scope of the node - change it to 'On all flows'
  3. Once you've done that, you should find you can safely delete the Recovered Nodes tab.

Hey Nick,
first of all thank you for your time and support.
You are right, the upgrade was after the recovered nodes tab and yes, I deployed with the recovered nodes tab.

I tried to follow your instructions, but unfortunately I can't find the 'Configuration Nodes' section in the Info Sidebar under 'Recovered Nodes' flow.

(the only thing I have is the Global 'Configuration Nodes' section)

Here is a screenshot:

Can you identify one of the ui_tabs that disappears when you delete the recovered nodes flow and find where it is in the info sidebar tree?

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