Undeletable things in Dashboard menu

While trying to work out the other post's problem I discovered I have a couple of entries on my dashboard list which I can't delete..

When I open them, they are set to that page, but if I "EDIT" them and say DELETE, nothing happens.

There was originally one, now there are TWO! (They're breeding!)

How do I delete them?


It is a good practice to always name your nodes, so it becomes easier to find them as well as to understand the msgs in the debug panel. See in picture below what i mean.

In your case I suspect the template nodes that you indicated are lost somewhere in other tabs.


Yes, ok. I accept that they may be lost on other tabs.

But when I go to them - in the right column - and EDIT them, they come up as …
(You won’t believe me but they have since gone…)
They came up as being on that dashboard item.
And if I pressed DELETE they didn’t.
I would not have thought that it would matter which part of the dashboard list I have displaying, if I press DELETE they would be deleted.

Alas - typically - after me asking for help because they wouldn’t go away and you replied: they have gone away for reasons unknown to me.


If in doubt refresh the browser page first to check front end is in sync with the server.

I don’t know if this is the right way, but when I have unknown nodes in a flow, I get a warning when I “deploy”, and that warning gives me a few seconds to “click here to see where” (or something similar). From there it’s easy to delete and deploy again.

Yes, I have seen those.

Alas there was no such warning.

I DEPLOYed the browser many times and yet these nodes remained there.

I would go into the dashboard and see them, but putting the mouse over them no node would highlight.

After several minutes they went away - while I was asking here.

Sorry. That’s what happened.