Dendrogram chart, totally out of my depth

Hi all, I'm completely out of my depth and looking for inspiration.

I have an electrical network where I measure currents and voltages in several locations. This is effectively a branched network with several branches and leaf nodes. This network is frequently expanded and changes. What I'm looking for is an easy way for someone to extend this network (diagram) and see the results rendered in a dashboard. The user would attach the sensor and edit the Excel file or the node-red map with new nodes and the graphic updates automatically.
Further, I would like to add some values to the location where I receive my data from.

Here is some info on the type of map I'm looking for

It is somewhat Ironic as the node-red interface is precisely like a Dendrogram. And it would be great if this could be done this way.

Another option would be to use the MQTT hierarchy to build the tree or an XML file.

I would greatly appreciate any help or thoughts on this subject, thank you.

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