Hello! I'm trying to use this RPIPLC node in Node-RED. It has a dependency with a C++ library

                "@industrialshields/rpiplc": "^2.0.0"

I'm running Node-RED on and i'm deploying the C++ library on the Node-RED container. Then I install the RPIPLC node via Node-RED UI and when I start using it I get the error ERR_DLOPEN_FAILED only on the rpiplc-config node as it has this require

Anyone has any idea?

Can you share how you are adding the C++ library to the NR container?

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Hello @hardillb yes! i was pushing this to a github repo. Find it here!

Find it here

First quick thought, do you need to move the ldconfig to the runtime container after the copy from the build container?

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I was thinking about this re-reading the Makefile... let me try @hardillb

That was it @hardillb thanks for your time! I needed 2 more eyes on this :slight_smile:

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