ERR_DLOPEN_FAILED shows under node in palette manager

I seem to be excellent at breaking things;

Tried to install a few different SSH clients for Node-RED, most of them gave errors / didn't work in some way. One had a github issue open with an instruction to rename the node_modules folder then run npm i ... after checking I vaguely understood what this does (it's a cache folder) I was happy to go ahead and do that.

However when I restarted Node-RED and launched admin, I got this message:
Flows stopped due to missing node types. - then a massive list of pretty much all nodes I've ever used.

I waited and restarted Node-RED again and got the same warning but with a much smaller list consisting only of the following:

* rfxtrx-port
* PT2262-device-list
* rfx-sensor
* rfx-lights-in
* rfx-PT2262-out
* rfx-PT2262-in
* rfx-lights-out
* speedtest

I went to package manager and checked the rfxtrx contrib I'd installed years ago and it has an error by it: * ERR_DLOPEN_FAILED

So then I updated it, but that error didn't go away.

THEN - I googled for that error "flows stopped due to missing node types" and found out that some idiot had already posted about that and solved his own problem (yeh - that was me. Am I the only one who breaks things this way, or just the only one who can't solve the problem?!) so I followed my own instructions from over 2 years ago to run npm rebuild and restarted Node-RED but that didn't resolve the problem in this case.

Unfortunately I can't use Node-RED in the meantime as dashboard hasn't deployed, and all the inject node buttons are greyed out.

Can anyone help?

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