Deploy Edge AI application with NVIDIA Jetson, Seeed's No-Code Edge AI Vision with Node-RED

Hi Node-RED community,

This is Elaine(twitter@iamelainewu) from Seeed Studio. Recently we are developing a No-code Edge AI Tool based on Node-RED. Please check out our project GitHub - Seeed-Studio/node-red-contrib-ml: Get started with AI vision at the edge with no coding experience at all!

Here is a demo video of deploying warehouse security IP cameras with people detection.

With just a few simple commands, the environment can be downloaded and deployed, and the process of monitoring, identifying, and outputting results from a live screen can't be simpler than three blocks.

We would like to also invite Node-RED developers to have a try on our no-code edge AI tool and join our project development. Hope to align with community experts for co-delivering AI applications at the Edge!

Let us know if you find it interesting! Please contact if you need more information!


Your first link gives a 404 error - page not found.
Your link contains the URL repeated twice.
You might want to re-check it and edit it?

This is what I think it should be... Seeed-Studio on GitHub

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Thank you @dynamicdave ! I corrected the link, hope you like the project and look forward to Node-RED community joining us!

just updated a new demo for grocery store inventory detection

We used YOLOv5 to train the model and run the inference. Roboflow is used to convert the dataset. The inference is on the Jetson Nano!

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