Using ADLINK EDGE AI Vision with Node-RED

ADLINK have a new product, Vizi-AI an Edge AI Devkit - its an edge hardware and software Devkit, with more configuration and less code to get started quickly with Edge Computing, Edge AI, and Node-Red to deliver an out of the box platform that allows Vizi-AI to see, understand and interact with the real world.

It is an industrial machine vision AI development kit that provides a low-cost entry point to get started with machine vision AI technology. Its an innovative starter kit which includes an Intel Atom-based SMARC computer module with on-board Intel AI accelerator Myriad-X, with Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit and ADLINK Edge software, (inc Node-RED).

The Vizi-AI Devkit enables you to get started very easily and scale into production by replicating the profile that you have created with your software configuration and AI models onto multiple devices.

We have added Node-RED to leverage the ease and great capabilities to deliver outcomes, for example lights flashing, SMS or what ever you want to make.

I will be sharing a project very soon "who let the dogs out" we have very easily enabled object detection of dogs and other items and when the Vizi-AI sees the object it will play a piece of music and lights to what ever is relevant to what it is seeing, We have added ADLINK DataRiver nodes to our version of Node-RED to leverage the ease and great capabilities to deliver outcomes, for example lights flashing, SMS, Tweeting or what ever you want to make.

You can get a Vizi-AI for only $199 for a limited period here

Here are some helpful videos on the ADLINK Edge software that is included with your Vizi-AI which includes a number of third party apps like Node-RED

I am looking to pay for projects being created with Vizi-AI to share across the and communities mail if interested

ADLINK are an Edge Computing hardware and software company that has 25 years of delivering innovative edge computing.

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Here is the great project using Node-RED with Vizi-Ai and object detection Intel OpenVINO model

Would love some feedback

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