Deploying Node-RED to Heroku

Hi there,
I built a Node-RED application lately for my IoT project. Basically, this just includes some simple nodes like node-red-dashboard or node-red-contrib-mqtt-broker which are used for connecting with a server that stores my data. Everything works fine when running my node and its server on my machine simultaneously. However, I want to upload it to Heroku for the remote control more conveniently. I found some node-red Heroku app already created and replace pieces of information with my respective ones according to its instruction. When I tried to open the app, it just showed me a starting page with a warning about adding nodes, I added templates and its version in the dependencies of package.json directory though. I have also successfully connected to the Github repo on Heroku as well. Did I miss something? Your help would be much appreciated.
the repo used in Github

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