Detecting objects using ESP32 CAM and NODE RED

The camera is already set up to stream using and older version of this adaptation of the firmware... and as long as nothing else is connected (the firmware only allows one connection at a time) then when NR is triggered it just captures a frame. I don't know any more about the hows or whys... just learning myself.

But this error basically says that the directory or file is missing or incorrect. I programmed mine for what works in my case. You need to figure out your path then program that in. Perhaps the firmware you are running doesn't have /capture

okay I got it , thank you

how did you modify your camera for night vision? Or what kind of camera is it?

That particular image shows the HKV (Hikvision) camera... the ESP32cam was just showing a dark blur at the time so I didn't bother posting it.

With the ESP32Cam module (OV2640) one can "theoretically" remove the IR filter that resides between the lens and the imager. But the whole thing is super delicate, so probably best to search for one with it already removed for nigh vision use (IF even made... I haven't found one yet). But then day use will be like looking through rose coloured glasses :rose: :eyeglasses:

You can find ov2640 with IR filters removed on aliexpress if you search for ov2640 IR or 850nm. I have a couple ordered so can't tell yet how they work.

FYI, I just discovered that the IR filter on some of these cameras is in FRONT of the lens, and if you are careful (and brave... I damaged one just trying to tune the focus, but it was glued too well), you can trim off the front layer of plastic then pry out the square filter.

Details start at timeframe 8.37

I just received my mini ESP32-Cam.
This subject pushed me a little, curiosity, well you certainly know :wink:
Out of curiosity, what sketch did you use to flash the FW?
I found this one. Have you seen any other more efficient or simpler or of higher quality?
I plan to do image detection as you did before.
Thank you for your interest

I had a very fast browse, have you set it up as a camera trap, movement detection?


I used the one below since it allows you to connect and view the camera from multiple views at the same time (limit is 10). The original can only support one connection. I wanted the device to act as a camera, no additional menues etc. So far it works very well

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Very good point, indeed,
a connection to the NAS, one to the home automation and one to the phone.
Min 3 connections.
So thanks for this important info.
I will read (rather translate the doc) and use IDE to flash all this.