DHT11 librery wouldn't be instaled i don't knew why

DHT11 librery wouldn't be instaled i don't knew why

What is the name of the node you are trying to install?
How are you trying to install it?
What error messages does it say?

Have you read the README and installed any software you need to install first?

thanks in advance this is the web site of version https://nodejs.org/en/download/
I try throught command prompt
this is the message which it gave when i made install Failed to install: node-red-contrib-dht-sensor

Install failed

Check the log for more information

Thats the nodejs website and nothing to do with he node you are trying to install.

The name of the node you are trying to install is node-red-contrib-dht-sensor

If you are installing it through the command prompt, which directory are you installing it in?

Have you read the README and installed any software you need to install first?

i use this directory C:\Users\khams>
no just I watched same tutorials

but already i instlled some liberires without problem

So you need to read the README and install the software it says you need.

To install any node from the command line for Node-RED you need to be in your .node-red directory

That node also mentions "Raspberry Pi" so might not work on a windows machine anyhow, How are you connecting your sensor to your windows machine?

Well you should read it. See the link below. I note in particular one of the first lines
" This is a Node Red node to manage connection to a DHT11 or DHT22 sensor on a Raspberry Pi."
I was not aware you could run Windows on a Pi.

no i didn't use Raspberry Pi i use esp8266


you are using an ESP, so you should code it yourself or use some libraries from arduino.

okk thanks i'll read this README and if doesn't work i'll ask u again Thanks

so if you are using a esp8266 what are trying to get the node to do? That node is to decipher the data on the sensor to a temp value and get that into node-red.

yes even i when i went to manage palette it wouldn't

So have you attached a dht11 to a esp8266 and now you want to get the data in node-red?
If so, what is running on the esp8266?
How is the esp8266 connected or sending the data to the maching running node-red?

You should look for arduino based dht tutorials instead.

but before we make connection we have to make the shema

Who is “we”, and who is making you? Is this a school project? If so, what have you actually tried so far beyond watching tutorials.

thanks a lot it help

yes it's a school project

So if you have connected the sensor to the ESP8266 you need the code on the ESP8266 to convert the raw data into a temperature.

If you are connecting the ESP8266 to wifi you can then send the temperature values to Node-RED using for example HTTP or MQTT. But the code you put on the ESP8266 makes that choice...

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