Didn't install serial node

Why do you think it is not installed? rc=0 suggests it was successful :man_shrugging:

Have you looked/searched in the palette (left hand sidebar)

What do you see if you refresh the browser then open the palette manager? is node-red-serialport showing in the "installed" list?

No , its not installed

  1. Can't Find in Palette: The package isn't showing up where it should be, which means it might not have been installed correctly.
  2. Error During Installation: When trying to install, an error pops up. We need to know what it says to figure out what's wrong.
  3. Uncertain Installation: Even if it says the installation was successful, it might not be working right. There could be other problems causing it not to show up.


What version of node js is this running on?

What hardware and operating system is this running on?

Is node-red running in docker/container/home assistant etc?

Also, click on View log and copy/paste the text. Not screen shot please.

Version - v16.19.0

Hardware - Revolution Pi module - ( Raspbian OS )

Not docker /home assistant , I'm using on Revolution Pi (Rev pi) module , in this module node red is pre installed just we need to active that .

Hmmmm. i dont know how or where Node-RED is installed in that device.

If it were a regular install, I would say open a terminal to the .node-red user dir and run the install manually when we'd be able to see the problem.

Perhaps Revolution Pi use snap or containers or dont have the necessary build tools installed? IDK!

Have you seen this thread: Node-Red package node-red-node-serialport does not work on the built-in Node-Red and NodeJS for RevPi Core S - The Industrial Raspberry Pi Forum ?
User said they updated their Revolution Pi and got it to work.

Failing that, open a question on the Revolution Pi forum.

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its done after updating and run command " npm install node-red-node-serialport "