Different dashboards for different devices

The dash board for Node Red control of my central heating is optimised and looks great on my phone screen (portrait orientation) but looks rubbish on my PC screen (landscape orientation). Would it be possible to have two dashboard layouts which could be accessed separately on different devices?


Not using Dashboard, no. Or at least not without setting up multiple instances of Node-RED in order to get a 2nd Dashboard.

However, when Dashboard v2 is completed, it should be possible since it allows multiple pages to be defined.

In the meantime, UIBUILDER is available and lets you build any kind of custom UI and fully supports multiple pages, custom styling, multi-user access, etc.

You could create the two different layouts, on different tabs. Then use the one that fits best.

If you can identify the client by say a fixed socketIP then a small flow could direct the browser to the relevant tab for that device.

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Thanks for the helpful replies folks. UI builder looks like a bit of a steep learning curve for me. Might wait till Dashboard V2 comes out as I'm not in a rush.


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