Different outputs with Ui-JoyStick

Good Morning, Does anyone know how to use the JoyStick of node red? , in a way that the same joystick activates different outputs, for example, while it is at the maximum left, it will send a signal to a specified output, and when it is in the other direction it sends the pulse to another output, and when you release it, it sends a fake pulse to hang up

There was a thread a few days ago that suggested some approaches.

I think Erisson is talking about node-red-contrib-ui-joystick.

What do you mean by activating different "outputs"? Gpio outputs perhaps?

For example, I have a hydraulic crane, which has two different actuators, which go up and down, and my goal is to be able to control them by node-red-contrib-ui-joystick, so when I'm dragged up it will activate a output, and while I'm dragging it down it will activate another output, which in this case would be down and up.

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