Digits in the Gauge

Hey guys,
is it possible to change the digits in the gauge.
I want to see something like 23.68, but I only get 23.7.
I tried msg.precision = 4 but this didn't change anything.

Sure using angular numder formatting
{{msg.payload | number : 2}}
In the value format field.
[edit] Re-read your question.
So i see you want to get 23.68 from 23.7. How are you determining what 23.7 should be changed to, could you explain more. Or do you mean 23.7 should be displayed at 23.70.

Scratch all that I see that the category is flexdash not dashboard.

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In the TimePlot there's 96.55 but the gauge shows 96.6.
I want the gauge also to show the 96.55

I don't believe that this possible using the Flexdash gauge.

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