"Disable node" vs uninistalling it

Just asking:

If I am suspicious of a node, what is the difference between disabling it and uninstalling it?

Disable; no longer visible and functional in the editor
Uninstall; removed from disk


I am not certain but I suspect that if the node has an associated config node (an mqtt node for example) then disabling the node will not disable the config node.

You can disable the config node too

I think andrew might be asking what is the operational difference in Node-RED between deleting a node from a flow or disabling it - e.g is temp disabling as good as deleting the node

I may be wrong here

Seems to me that if you disable a node in the middle of a flow, any msg's coming to it will go nowhere. Same as if you deleted that node from the flow except it will be easier to add back in.

My only question would be about debug nodes and if disabling a debug node would effect performance as well as removing it (see: How fast is Node-Red?)