Disable Subflow editing tab open up next to current working tab

i want to disable Subflow editing tab opening up next to current working tab on double clicking node on left palate, How should i do this?
Please find Screen shot attached.


Can you explain why you want to do that?

As it stands the editor provides no such option to stop a user editing a subflow. Nothing would stop the exporting the JSON, hand-editing it and reimporting it.

There is working happening to support publishing subflows as npm modules - they would get loaded just like any other node in the palette and wouldn't be editable by the user.

i just want to disable opening tab on double clicking the node on left palate, isn't it possible?

Which event is called when we double click on node on left palate?

To repeat what I said:

As it stands the editor provides no such option to stop a user editing a subflow

it is fine when pop up opeing for subflow. But as i am seeing when i click on inbuilt node like "Inject","debug" then no new tab is opeing and when i am clicking on my custom node on left palate then new tab is opeing like shown in above screen shot.

Are you talking about a custom node or a subflow?

If you are talking about a subflow then what do you want to happen when you double click it?

If you don't want want double click to open it how would you open it to edit the subflow when you need to?

i have my custom node.... when i dont drag a node from left ..that time when i click on my custom node it opens tab like shown above screen shot but at the same time when i click on the inbuilt node like "inject","debug" etc. it is not opening a tab like above and same behavior i am expecting for my custom node. I dont have an issu with subflow popup which is opeing from right side when we drag a node and double click on it.

@dhpatel177 that is very strange.
You can see the code that does the double-click handling here:

It only registers the click handler if the node type begins with subflow:

What is the type of your custom node?

Also the screenshot you show looks like a subflow, not a custom node, and why did you title the thread with the word subflow if it is not a subflow?

it is subflow. @knolleary

Yes - that is the intended behaviour. If you double-click on a subflow in the palette it will open up the edit tab for the subflow. As I've said, there is no way to stop that behaviour without modifying the source code of the editor.

Ok thanks very much for your kind information.

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