Editor tab limits?

I'm trying to keep flows organized by control type and to keep the number of editor tabs to a minimum. I see that I have to use the full deploy to get edits activated as neither of the "modified" options has any effect. Is there some limit or concept I'm violating this way?

What do you mean by that? If you seect 'Modified Flows' and change something in a branch of a flow, that flow will be stopped and restarted.

For instance, if you change the time of your "Pass On, Delay Off' node and deploy, that will take effect right away.

What versions of NR, node.js and dashboard ane you using? (see startup log)
What platform and os are you using?

Also note that just moving a node doesn't not count as a change that will cause it to be restarted if you use the modified-* type deploys.
You have to make a material change to it's configuration.

Somehow my 2nd upload got lost.
I'm running in Docker and this answers @zenofmud's questions:

So, I start with this:

Then I do

And it looks like:

Then I select (from the dropdown) Modified Nodes, Modified Flows, and even Full and it still looks like:

Not until I click Deploy without dropdown selection does it do what I believe should have happened with any of the dropdown selections and it now looks like:

What are you looking at? Put some debug nodes in so you can see what is happening.

What you describe is the expected behaviour. When you pick a different deploy type from the menu it is doing just that... Picking the type of deploy. You then have to click the deploy button to actually do the deploy.

OH! I did not understand that at all! Now it makes sense. Thank you, @knolleary!

@zenofmud, this is no way about flow behavior or debugging. It was only about about Deploy behavior. In fact, the Garage flow only has one hiccup left in it and I'm not asking for help with it, at least not yet.

It would probably be a good idea to dynamically set the text on the Deploy button to "Deploy All", "Deploy Flows", "Deploy Nodes" depending on which option was selected from the dropdown.

The icon in the button changes.

D'oh! So it does. Thanks

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