Does workspace == all the nodes on the current tab?

.. or all the nodes on all tabs?

So long since I've used Full , I've forgotton what it does but I want to re-deploy all the nodes on just the tab I'm working on - don't want to affect other working flows on other tabs, so asking before I press it!


full - is everything - stops the runtime and restarts it.
Sounds like you want modified flows.

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Modified doesn't seem to re-deploy all the nodes in my current tab

Specifically - I've got a trigger node showing blue "in use" (as I call it) that doesn't clear when I change another node on the tab and re-deploy using Modified Flows


in this case tab != flow :-).... something in that actual "path" (or flow) has to be modified - like one of those injects or function... If it's not wired into that "flow" it doesn't count.

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Ta for confirming info - that was what I thought Modified did.

I was just having difficulty in clearing the blue dot so was looking at the Full option

But I think I was just seeing some glitch in the matrix as it clearing now every-time I modify a connected node :slight_smile:

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