Flows deployment information

Hi all!

I want to know a detailed information about how the flow deployment is related and how it works.

I mean, The Full deployment goes to one and every tab in search of modified nodes, but what the others options do?.

Does anyone have this information?.


The image on the buttons should give you a clue.

Top one does every node.

Next one does all nodes connected to the modified node

Last one does only the node(s) changed.

What really happens when you deploy is the node is completely reinitialised/recreated. I.e connections are closed & reopened, internal state is lost, etc.

I stick with the last option, modified nodes. It's quicker and less disruptive.

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Ok, thanks for your reply.

What im looking for is to have let's say 500 tabs or so and only deploy via API ONLY the changes that i've made inside the tabs. For example, i have 500 tabs and i only make changes on tabs 1, 300 and 456.

I know there is an API funcionality but i don't know how to use it.

Thanks a lot!

Start with the docs...
"POST /flows : Node-RED" POST /flows : Node-RED

Then, use the browser debug tool & check the posts when you do a deploy.

More importantly, what on earth will you have running on 500 flows?

Ok, i got some Documentation ready for the reading...so i'll continue...

The thing is that my project will require to have several clients and i want to separate them by that. I mean, every tab is a client. So if i modify something from one client i don't want to "broke" any other client. But....it will be a good thing to use the API because of versioning.


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