Partial modified flow deploy



When a flow is redeployed, but only a part of the nodes being modified, is it possible to enforce the restarting of all the nodes in the flow?

Thank you!


Isn't that what these first two options do?


Or are you trying to keep someone from choosing the "Modified Nodes" option?



I tried those options but I was actually looking for something that would make a full deploy even if some of the nodes have not changed.



Do you mean that you want a full deploy of a tab containing modified nodes, but not the other tabs?


Not exactly. So let's say I have only one tab, having only one node. The node makes a connection to an internal service. The first time I deploy the connection is established but on a second deploy it does not make a connection again and in my flow I would want it to make it again.



A full deploy type does exactly what you want. Every node is stopped and recreated.


I was using the wrong method of testing and it seemed it was not recreated.
Sorry and thank you for the response!