[Discussion]Layout/syntax of the debug in complete object mode

Can we have a little chat about the look of the debug in complete object mode

1st look is great - says we've got an object called msg

Clicking on arrow we get

In my mind - I think it should say msg: object and not just object

My reasoning is, that when we click on the payload arrow we get

i.e it still says payload: object and not just object

The big one :slight_smile:


When I look at this, due to the indenting, I read it as I have an object called msg, with inner objects called payload and completeData

And then within completeData, I have _msgid, myymd and mytimes

But I don't of course, I have 5 objects at the same level

Is it just me that gets confused? :smiley:

What do other people think?

You aren't the only one to get confused :slight_smile:

However, it is a fairly standard layout and I get the same cognitive dissonance in other applications as well :crazy_face:

I guess I've always just assumed that it is how it is. Not that big a deal and I've never considered it enough of an issue to risk distraction from other developments.

What about item 2?

Yes, I guess you are right, it would be more consistent. Probably easier for begginers to comprehend.

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While re-loooking at item 2 - I'm wondering if it should be indented?



Slightly tricky to know - for me personally, the available width for showing information is important so I guess the question would be whether the clarity from indentation helps more than having space for information display?


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