[FeatureRequest/Discussion]Alter Debug indentation

This may be just me, but when dealing with complex messages - I easily get confused (and then spend time trying to work out why I can't access a property) by the debug indentation


When I first look at this example, its saying to me that deviceSerialNumber / name deviceType etc are properties of description

I think this because they are indented.to same level as description

Is this just me?

Could they be made to be at the same indentation as the > symbol before description e.g.


does not the arrowhead give it away that it is not expanded ? and is therefore all on one line ?

eg like the file viewer on a Mac

or windows

The difference might be the icon more than the arrow indicating that there is more to find?
I trapped in the same pit as @cymplecy from time to time.
The ident is not the only solution, perhaps printing objects and arrays bold could help.

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What do those look like if you expand the folder?

Debug looks like

mac looks like

I don't remember what the arrow head signifies but my brain reacts to the indentation

I end up thinking that description is an object and then deviceSerialNumber is 1st item within that object

Obviously - when I click on the arrow - I find out that its not :slight_smile:

I don't see any arrows in my normal Win10 explorer view


The inconsistency is at the top level. In your example host is contained within ping and is indented two spaces, so are indented three from the down arrow. However payload, topic and ping are contained with the top level but are only indented one from the top level object arrow.

So no inconsistency at all then. :slight_smile:

They should be two further right

So instead of
it should be
and instead of
it should be

Which you may say makes no significant difference, but I think it is the inconsistency at the top level that injects the confusion into the brain.

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