Distributed Node-RED

I am using Distributed Node-RED, I set up a simple distributed flow over two machines. This flow consists of one inject node and one debug node, each of them running on different machine. The inject node sends timestamp every 0.1 sec. In the console of the machine where the debug node is running I was receiving this message each time a timestamp is received:

BUG ALERT: dispatching in a FETCH_FORWARD state!!!

But in the same time I was able to see the received timestamps in the "debug messages" sidebar. I don't know if this is an error or not? From where its source? Any help is appreciated

When you say you are using "Distributed Node-RED" can you narrow down what that means? There is no distributed mode in Node-RED - but there are 3rd party modules that do that sort of thing. You may need to direct your question to the maintainer of whatever module you are using.

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