What am I missing?

Hi, I've just installed node-red and want to test it...
I've just followed the simplest example in documentation, but it wont run.

my node-red flow

Where am I wrong?

The blue dot on the debug node suggests you haven't deployed it

Look at the inject node you have not set a repeat time so it will only work when you press the button - on the left side of the node - manually

I've pressed the "button" left to send_timestamp (updated the image)

@Steve-Mcl should I do something more than clicking on Deploy?

No. That should be enough.

Try linking your inject to a function block with the below code...

node.warn("hello world", msg);

Then deploy. Then click the inject button.

Does anything appear in the debug side bar?

Ps, do a full browser refresh (ctrl+f5) first.

How do I should call the function?
Should I connect to the right side of send_timestamp?


Otherwise what would call it?

Don't worry, it will all click soon and you'll be flying.

Nothing changed... new image and yes... I've clicked on the button! :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm earning a lot of badges! I just want the "your first working flow" one!!!

Ok looks like node red has stopped running.

Do you have access to the console?

Copy paste all output here so we can see why it crashed.

21 May 19:26:44 - [info] Started modified nodes
21 May 19:26:44 - [warn] [function:say_hi] hello world
21 May 19:26:45 - [warn] [function:say_hi] hello world
21 May 19:26:46 - [warn] [function:say_hi] hello world
21 May 19:26:47 - [warn] [function:say_hi] hello world

and so on... one every 1 sec...

Odd. Seems it is working.

Can you try a different browser?

Google Chrome
Google Chrome รจ aggiornato
Versione 74.0.3729.157 (Build ufficiale) (a 64 bit)

Firefox Quantum
66.0.5 (64 bit)

Firefox Quantum (made an update in the meanwhile...)
67.0 (64 bit)

Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0

Internet Explorer 11 v11.765.17134.0

All the some thing... :frowning:
If I send u the url node-red will let u in?

PM the URL, username and password and I'll take a look for you.

I can not find how to send a PM, do you have Telegram?

Can't you click my avatar (icon) then click message?

I don't see... any way to send a PM.... maybe because I'm too newbie?


I suspect your server / firewall is blocking web sockets...

do you have access to the server? If you can RDP or VNC to its desktop, try accessing it via http://localhost:1880 on the server (assuming port number is 1880)

Hope that helps.

Is it possible that it doesn't works becouse I've http (port 80) disabled?
The server only accept https connections...

could be. I dont know - perhaps someone who does know can answer?

Maybe start a new thread asking "Cant see Debug output due to websocket 404" and post my screen shot?

oh and before I forget - please secure your node-red ASAP...


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