Do disabled flows use unnecessary resources in Nodejs?

Hi, I'm still no expert in nodejs but I still use NR with great pleasure.
As time goes by, my software has more and more tabs.
When they're no longer useful, I use the editor's deactivate function to disable the flow.

I wonder how nodejs reacts when it reads the flow.json file and sees a deactivated flow.
Does it ignore it completely and not create the code, or will it load it into memory anyway

My comment is:
Does it bother from a performance point of view to leave code disabled?
If so, I'll have to delete it and store it elsewhere in another instance so as not to lose the work (the flow) that can be used again next time.

I hope I've made myself clear :thinking:

Node-RED will read the flows.json, but not instantiate any nodes of deactivated flows. Thus you have a micro-deficiency of a few (k)B of json data, but don't loose anything else.

If there are lots of unused nodes, it can slow down the editor experience as they still have to be deployed, rendered etc.

Thank you gentlemen.
I can therefore deduce that it does indeed take longer to load and that the flow.json file is heavier-bigger than if I permanently delete the useless flows.
Above all, it has no effect on the software's performance. That's a good point.

It will take a fraction longer, but I doubt if you would ever notice it as it is not loading the nodes themselves.

indeed, I have absolutely no worries about response times with NR. It's very impressive.

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