Disable flow - why?

I read some requests how to disable flow at startup or during a function ...

What's the benefit to disable one or more flow?

Thank you for the patience .... :blush:

Can you give an example of what you mean?

Often the word disable is used when really what is meant is to block messages going into a flow so that the flow does not receive any messages till an appropriate time. A post recently where it was desired to block GPIO inputs for a few seconds after startup in order to let the hardware settle is an example of that.

In fact, I don't understand these necessity ...
I can use a timer, I can use a variable, I can use a delay node, I think there are many possibility to block messages going into a flow rather than disable flow ...

I just thought disable one or more flow entailed maybe more speed with hardware not perform well .... (?)

There is generally no difference between a disabled flow and one that does nothing because there are no messages going into it (unless it is something like an MQTT In node that receives data externally).

Ok, thank you ....

Does a disabled flow disable the nodes in the flow as well as the flow itself? I think it does. In that case, there can be quite a difference because a whole section of each disabled node will not be executed. At the very least, you will find less log messages going around and in some cases you may find a lot less memory being used.

So, for example, you may have some extra debugging flows on a separate tab but want to keep that tab disabled unless you have a problem.

On my dev instance of NR, I have some development and test nodes that tend to be very noisy in the logs so that I can see exactly what is going on. But in general use, I don't need all of that so the flows and nodes are disabled until I need them again.

I don't think that is the context that @Giamma is talking about. I did ask him/her to provide examples of what he meant, but none was forthcoming.

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