Msg passthrough when a node is disabled

This is kind of a feature request. We already have the feature of enabling and disabling each and every node. When a node is disabled, the flows is stopped when reaching this. I wish there would be another similar feature which when enabled would stop the functioning of what the node is suppose to do and just pass the message through to the nodes connected to the output, kind of bypassing.

Isn't that easily achieved with a switch node before the node/nodes you want to bypass?

The switch could use the value of a flow or global context variable.

anything can be achieved with the combination of some nodes or using a function node. It is given with the flexibility offered by node red. Even the switch node function could be implemented with function node. The idea behind my feature request is to make it easy for disabling any node without compromising the ability to pass through with enabling or disbaling a setting.

This was considered during the design of the feature to disable nodes. It was not implemented as it was considered that the whole point of a node is to operate on a message - such that any following node then expects something to be in the message. If that is not there then the following node and thus the flow would probably fail or break in undetermined ways. Also when disabled the node needed to be visually greyed out so that it was obviously not passing messages, letting it pass incomplete/untouched messages would be non-obvious in most situations - when it is simple enough to add a wire around the node if required.

Conside a node with its output connected to 10 or 20 or more nodes. If I want to bypass this node, I will have to run a wire from the node previous to this nodes to all the 10 or 20 nodes. This is not efficient and will only make the flow complicated. But if there is an option for bypass, I could just do that.

Or connect them all using a junction. Then you only move one wire.



To turn that around to illustrate Dave's point - imagine a switch node with 10-20 outputs. If you disable it, should the input go to every output? The first or last? Just about all nodes with multiple outputs have them for a reason that is not necessarily simple logic.

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