Docker Development and move to production best practices

I'm currently evaluating migration of a large Node-Red application to docker environment.
Experimenting quite a while with building customized image and persistence of data using volumes.

Couple of best practices methods I couldn't figure out yet and would appreciate the smartness of the forum guys...

  1. While working with node red projects is great for development, how do I move to production (i.e create a production image based on the latest master branch (production image I guess would not have a projects enabled no git or dev tools and no NR admin access)?
  2. I guess that for image easy deployment, I would prefer to have the flows file embedded into the image (including other persistence data - not a recommended pattern of docker deploy), this works for fresh image deploy, before persistence volumes created (the data from the container will be replicated to the host volume), once deployed image updates will not overwrite the flows file, so what will be the best way to update the flows?

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