Docker - node-red-gpiod and music player daemon (mdp)

My goal is to have every thing running in docker containers.
-Portainer for container management.
-rpi-monitor stats of the Rpi 4.
-nginx reverse proxy server.
-Pi-Hole add blocker.
-wireguard for secure tunnel and access to local .network
-unifi-controller manage wireless devices.
-Will add more.

Node Red Running under Docker So running a node red container and a node-red-gpiod container is working.
However if I start Music Player Daemon (MPD) (in a container or on the host) it will conflict whit the pigpio daemon (in a container or on the host) and both will stop working.

On the Rpi4 zits a HAT HIFIBERRY AMP2 I like to use it to listen to web radio broadcasts. and use node red to control it all.

On the Rpi 4 runs Raspberry pi OS lite headless, I did not try Mplayer or VLC both programs will at about 900Mb to the system.

The question is;
is there a work around for this conflict between pigpio and mpd, or do you have a other solution for a lite player?
I love Node red and i am not sure where best to ask this question, in this forum or docker or raspberry forum so I'll start here

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