Install and run PiGPIOd daemon on Docker image

I am running Node-Red in a Docker image on a Pi within home assistant. Trying to get the GPIO to work and found some documentation
where i need to convert from the "node-red-node-pi-gpio" to "node-red-node-pi-gpiod".
(node-red-node-pi-gpio isnt working anyway, with a "nrgpio python command not running" error message.

Read some information on the new PiGPIOd daemon that is part of Raspbian, since i am runnig the node-red image (based on Alpine Linux) i wonderd how to get the deamon installed and running so i dont need another container just for the deamon (and expose port 8888)

The install stops at "make" with command not found

I read this:

and these 2 would make sense:

  • build your binary outside ur container and copy only the shippable binary to ur alpine container
  • build your binary in a normal golang container then copy the binary to a small shippable alpine container

I am new to linux, could this be done on my WSL on windows? or would i need to create a docker container with linux and install it there?
And then, how do i recognise the binary for the piGPIOd deamon?

My general recommendation is to install and run the gpiod daemon process on the actual host hardware - as that is where the actual pins are located :-)... and then open up the necessary ports via docker to allow the container to communicate to the daemon.

thanks for the reply. I think this is not doable as my OS is the HomeAssistant one and is maintained by them. I dont control any updates. Will investigate further to see what i can do.

Also GPIO for the hardware is removed from the Core components in HA and needs to be transfer to a container (see some posts that others take over the development as a custom integration ) maybe i can use that if it does pwm control. Most solutions are going to use a container to get to the gpio's as that will be the only option.

I could run Debian as the OS, because i am not a Linux expert i dont want that because all updates will be on me and then, by mistake, i might kill the application on top

I want to use it to control a fan when the cpu gets above x, so the fan doesn't spin all the time
Seems a tough one to get working without additional hardware

Ah the joy of HA.. yes you'll probably do better asking over on their forum, and yes you will need some extra hardware to power/switch the fan (unless it is really low power (ie more of a stirrer than a fan :slight_smile:

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