Docker Node-Red in Azure

Hi forum,
I'm Jochen from Germany and I'm new to node-red and have 2 questions for anybody who could help:
I installed the docker container of Node-Red to MS Azure. Works fine.

  1. I want to use node-red-contrib-ui-led but it doesn't show up. Had the same problem on my local installation but after a restart of node-red it worked. Did the same to node-red on Azure but LED is not showing up on dashboard. Any suggestion?

  2. Restart of docker-container results in a completely new Node-Red setup. Already installed packages like dashboard aren't present any more and have to be reinstalled. Even the flows are gone.
    How can I make this persistent so that a restart of the whole container will keep flows and installed packages?

thanks in advance,


Did you try the method in the docs?

problem starts where keyword "docker" is not accepted in console. any npm ... works as described in the doc but for example "docker stop mynodered" can't be executed: command not found

So how did you install Node-RED / where did you get your docker image from?

sorry for my late answer.
to create the Azure docker container for node red I used the container from
Image: nodered/node-red-docker
If I start the console in Azure via "Connect" I can select where to start: /bin/bash or /bin/sh or custom
In any case command "docker" is not accepted/not found

Fixed my problem by setting up a vm in Azure as described in your tutorial.
Thanks for your help!