Docker on Synology

Hi, I am trying to persist the user data when running NR under Docker on my Synology NAS. I want to use a host directory (Bind Mount) I followed the instructions on Github without succes. I went to the WIKI and followed instructions about Setting up Persistence but still without succes.

I get an error which is similar to the one reported by @E_T on this forum (May 22), but I can't find a clue for a solution. I enclosed a screenshot from my SSH terminal...

Hope that anyone can give me hints.

EDIT: of course there are some suggestions given by npm in the screen-dump. But this all happens inside the docker process. I have no clue on how to implement those suggestions.

The problem is the user ID in the Docker Container (UID 1000)
On the NAS there is no User-ID 1000.

I gave user 1000 permissions following instructions in the wiki: sudo chmod etc..... When I check the ownership with ls -nal I get a response that the folder is owned by 1000:1000. These are the suggested actions in the WIki. I thought that this had to be it!?

I interpret the information given that docker when running on the NAS can access resources of the NAS as being user 1000. But I am not well into this matter...

I think that I have solved my problem. I've got NR running and storing changes in my flows in a local host folder ! The answer was in the node-red/node-red-docker github repository under Common Issues and Hints. There I discovered how to run the container as the root user by adding -u root:

docker run -it -p 1882:1880 -v /volume1/admin_data/containers/nodered2:/data --name nodered2 -u root nodered/node-red:latest

Now I can go on to fine tune the container.....

Thanks for your support!

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