Does a Drum Encoder exist, or Barrel Encoder?

Was just wondering has anyone made a drum encoder for NR yet? I don't need one. I'm just curious if it's a thing.

I used to do ladder logic programming(PTOOEY!!) and the one I used had a drum encoder built into the functionality. A drum encoder is not a rotary encoder or optical encoder. It's like a music box or a Jacquard Loom. A cylinder with pegs on it to trigger a sound(or event) in sequence and in time with other events and it repeats after a full rotation(virtually).

It's represented like this.


As the drum turns, different contacts are triggered that would be linked to functions or anything you might want to turn on/off.

It could be timer based or each step could be triggered on demand.

Like synchronizing Christmas lights or tones as in a music box or whatever.

I did a search, but who knows what the heck someone might have called it.


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